Spending Philosophy

One of the most important things I learned in college was from a marketing professor by the name of Jeff Schmidt. It was that the easiest way to accumulate wealth is to spend less than you make. Sounds simple, but the state has been doing the complete opposite of this for years. As your Representative, I will insist on balanced budgets that doesn’t include borrowing for operating expenses. 

The most basic job of government is to make a budget. Everyone in Springfield is to blame and they should all lose their jobs. The budget that was recently passed could have been passed 2 years ago via override. Everyone decided to play political games and run the state deeper into debt. If I’m elected, I will do everything in my power to make sure there is a balanced budget each year. Over the past two years, I have felt like the citizens of Illinois have been used as pawns in a political game.

Springfield has treated our real money like Monopoly money. All respect has been lost for our hard earned money. As your Representative, I will only cast votes for meaningful projects that are done in a cost conscious way.

The people who need services are not getting them and the people who are paying for them aren’t getting their money’s worth and I want to change that.