March 2, 2018 Madigan Attack Ad Response

Dear Neighbors,

Many of you have or will receive a political attack ad against me in the mail. I’m attaching it here for reference. To address the attacks in the ad: 1) I am pro-choice and I have nothing but the utmost respect for women. My wife and even my 3 year old daughter can attest that I’m far from being a part of any “war on women.” 2) I’m a finance supervisor for a law firm with 2,000 employees.  Political activities of other employees is not information that I’m privy to, nor in any way is related to my views.

Madigan’s committee paid over $45,000 (see documentation below and more on for these ads according to public records. With this type of wasteful spending, it is clear that this long-time politician is afraid of the progress I’m looking to make in our communities and state.  As your Representative, I can assure you that my focus will be on addressing the challenges we have been facing in our district and state.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss this ad or any other questions about my platform.

I would be honored to get your vote.