About Me

 I’m a married father of one with a beautiful three year old daughter.  My lovely wife of seven years, daughter and I currently reside in Matteson. My hobbies include tinkering with anything digital, especially digital photography.   My wife and I love traveling.  We've been to every continent, except Antarctica.  The farthest place we have traveled is Australia.  India is the most exotic place we have traveled.   

I grew up in the city of Chicago and attended Chicago Public Schools from first grade through high school. I’m a strong believer in public education for this reason. I am a proud Chicago Public Schools Graduate of Lane Technical High School where I had a GPA of over four and a class rank in the top 5%. I first had the inkling to run for an elected office my junior year of high school when I ran for student council vice president, and won.  

I graduated from the University of Illinois with a BS in Accountancy in 2003 and an MS in Tax Accountancy in 2005 with a grade point average of 3.75 in both instances. I have 15 years of professional experience, including preparing corporate tax returns, litigation consulting and financial reporting and budgeting. I’ve always had a passion for finance and budgets and I believe this passion will keep me on the right path and only vote for fiscally responsible projects and balanced budgets.  

I’ve always been good with money and one thing I will do is have respect for yours. We all work hard for our money and should get honest services for our tax dollars. I will make sure your money is allocated and accounted for properly and not treated as a political game. I will work hard for balanced budgets every year. I believe that borrowing money is not part of a balanced budget.