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38th District encompasses in part or the entire municipalities of Matteson, IL; Richton Park, IL; Country Club Hills, IL; Tinley Park, IL; Hazel Crest, IL; Frankfort, IL; Harvey, IL; Homewood, IL; Markham, IL Oak Forest, IL; Olympia Fields, IL University Park, IL; Flossmoor, IL

  In President Obama’s farewell address last year, he said “If you're disappointed by your elected officials, grab a clipboard, get some signatures, and run for office yourself…. ” 

  I want to be your voice in the General Assembly. I believe that many of our current batch of politicians have forgotten who they represent and why they are in Springfield—and they have been there too long. 

As your Representative, I want to be in constant contact with you so that I can at any point in time know the pulse of the district on any issue because I want to be your voice. I have a vision of an APP that does just that. 

If there is a topic that I haven’t covered on this website and you would like to know my opinion, please contact me on my mobile at 773-828-9568 or I want to be your voice and I truly care what you think. If elected, you can always contact me via my cell phone or email, and you will receive a response. I won’t be like the current politicians where they bombard your mailbox come election time, but you don’t hear from them any other time of the year. I hope to create a two-way dialogue with you every day of the year.    

Cecil Matthews Jr. explains the #fakenews

Cecil Matthews Jr. for State Representative explains the #fakenews that has been sent to everyone's home by Mike Madigan, which completely misrepresents his beliefs.

Three Questions for Cecil Matthews Jr

Greetings friends and neighbors, please watch this short video that answers three questions on voters minds. 

My Financial background will help move us forward

We need more financial people making monetary decisions.  

I want to work for you

We need to put an end to career politicians looking after the interests of campaign donors and not doing the work of the people.  

First Signature of Campiagn

First Signature of Campiagn


A State Representative that listens to you

My Campaign Donation Pledge

My pledge on campaign donation limitations